the collaboration

Last March I started a collaboration with Paradisio Imaginarium, a creative house based in Paris.

This panoramic wallpaper I co-created with Emmanuelle le Gall, Paradisio's co-founder, was inspired by the stunning tropical landscapes of Bahia, Brazil. Emmanuelle had a vision of a tropical bird sanctuary. She dreamed of a peaceful scenery that evoked tranquility and poetry.

A wallpaper capable of bringing the exotic to our modern day lives. Something tasteful, pure and extraordinary. But she gave me quite a lot of freedom and trust, which was essential for my creative process.


Bahia holds a special place in my heart, as it is where colonial Brazil began.
This region has witnessed both beauty and trauma, and its natural landscape has changed significantly since the Portuguese expeditions arrived. This work is a tribute to the paradise Bahia once was.

Surrounded by its vibrant flora and fauna, as depicted here, you can travel back in time and experience its enchanting essence.

the process

This work combines my past experiences visiting Bahia with inspiration drawn from original illustrations dating back to the era of its discovery.

I began by creating a moodboard that grouped my favorite coastal plants, animals, color schemes, and elements that naturally remind me of Bahia. From there, I developed a color palette based on Emmanuelle's preferences, adapting it to best suit this unique wallpaper. The result is a mix of pastel tones ranging from baby pink to yellow, pale greens, teals, and a blend of deeper colors for contrast.

the local fauna & flora

Drawing from my personal photo and imagery archives and extensive online research, I have carefully selected a combination of local animal and plant species that I found both exuberant and integral to this landscape. My goal was to achieve a high level of accuracy to create a scene that transports the viewer to its original location, even though this is a fantasy rendition.


Everything was hand painted as a single large piece to be enjoyed as a whole.

However it can be customised to different sizes and ambiances up to 4 meters high, turning this wallpaper into a unique decorative panorama.

It was quite an extensive work that lasted several weeks but it brought me immense joy.

  • Golden-capped Parakeet, jandaia-de-testa-vermelha

  • Scarlet ibis, guará vermelho

  • Squirrel monkey, macaco-esquilo

The final piece

Enjoy Bahia. Soon, you will be able to order your bespoke panoramic wallpaper from Paradisio Imaginarium's website and transport yourself to my secret tropical paradise.

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